Caldwell County WIC Office


     We are all looking for different ways to make the food we eat on a daily basis more exciting for our families.  Also, as families we are under pressure to make healthy meals on a budget and under a time limit.

     Life is hectic for everyone; i.e. working, then going to pick up your child from daycare/school, then maybe going to grocery store then having to come home and cook, then clean, then help with homework. You may not feel you have enough time to cook. But you do have more than enough time to cook. With a little planning and 30 – 40 minutes you could make a great meal for your family.

     Remember, you may have a great assistant (your child/and or children) if given the chance to help. This will make the time go by faster and it will be a bonding experience with you and your child/children.

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